As religious Jews, we know and believe that this world is just a segue to a better, more fulfilling world, often referred to as “the World to Come.” The eternal reward that we merit for our positive actions and Torah learning in this world is what we will enjoy for eternity in the World to Come.

Although a Jew can no longer amass his own merits once he or she passes from this world, the opportunity for additional merits and Heavenly reward is still feasible through the mitzvos and Torah learning of the friends and family that are left behind.

The accepted custom amongst Jews is to study portions of the Mishnah, the ancient texts that are the foundation of the Oral Law, as a merit for dearly departed loved ones. These texts are often difficult for the layperson to learn and understand, and thus this eternal merit is not always harnessed, to the detriment of the departed.

Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah was founded specifically with this need in mind. To this end, Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah has commissioned a stellar team of erudite Torah scholars who have undertaken the mission of studying the Mishnah, from one chapter to an entire order of the Mishnah to the entire voluminous Six Orders of Mishnah on behalf of departed souls.

Imagine the merits that can be amassed for your dearly departed loved ones, as well as for yourself and your family, by tapping into the merit of Torah learning by dedicated, serious Torah scholars.

Join us in our mission; the zechusim are endless.