When Caring Counts Most: A Guide for Jewish Caregivers Acting as a caregiver for a loved one can be lonely, overwhelming and unpredictable. This anthology takes a multi-pronged approach to the caregiving challenge: it includes the Torah perspective on caregiving; practical, hands-on suggestions regarding the medical, physical and emotional aspects of caregiving; personal accounts; advice and legal guidance; and a review of end-of-life challenges. The articles were written by rabbis, doctors, lawyers, mental-health professionals and laypeople, including Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Eytan Feiner, Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Dr. Howard Leibowitz, Mrs. Rachel Schmidt, LCSW, Libi Astaire, Mr. Mark J. Kurzmann, Esq., and many others. Includes a detachable pamphlet entitled Welcome to our Jewish Home: The Home Health Aide’s Guide to Basic Jewish Laws and Customs, which received the haskamah of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, zt”l. This guide can be given to the aide and can also help the caregiver to be as comprehensive as possible when instructing the aide in caring for their loved one.

When Caring Counts Most

Price: $24.95

There are so many halachos that need to be clarified and observed during the period of aninus and shivah. This easily understandable pamphlet can alleviate much uncertainty and stress, offering clear, concise and definitive halachic psak for the aninus and shivah periods. Written by Rabbi Tzvi Hebel, author of The Neshamah Should Have an Aliyah, and Rabbi Refoel Yaakov Tzvi Preil, the Hebrew text and English translation have both been reviewed and approved by Rav Yaakov Forchheimer, senior posek in Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, NJ.

The Concise Laws of Shivah, including the Laws of Aninus

Price: $8.95

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and traumatic events we must face. Many of us struggle with the loss of connection to our loved ones, and we wonder if there is something we can do to keep that connection alive.
The truth is that we have the power to do something very meaningful. Our actions can do more than just maintain the connection. They can also give our departed loved ones a powerful aliyah (elevation) in Heaven. In fact, there are numerous opportunities for us to positively and productively channel our efforts for the benefit of our loved ones’ neshamos (souls), and for our own benefit, as well.
This book with CD is an inspirational and practical guide for anyone who desires to remember a loved one in a meaningful way. Painstakingly researched and masterfully written, it explains the fundamental ideas underlying the concept of providing merit for a soul and then offers hands-on, practical guidance for all the many aliyah opportunities that our tradition describes.

The Neshamah Should Have an Aliyah: An inspirational and practical guide by Rabbi Tzvi Hebel

Price: $20.00

Increase your students’ understanding of the Eternal Power of Torah Study, Tzedakah and Chessed with the innovative curriculum for Kindergarten through Twelfth- Grade Teachers.

  • Bring the words of Parshas Vayechi to life, when Yaakov tells his children his final wishes. An opportunity to impart the message that our neshamos endure forever.
  • Give students an understanding of Parshas Chayei Sarah when Avraham Avinu buys Me’aras Hamachpeilah for Sarah’s burial. Teach the lesson that the mitzvos we perform provide a powerful aliyah in Shamayim.
  • Guide students practically on how to provide merit to the three bachurim killed by terrorists, the kedoshim martyred in Har Nof, the French Jews, the Sassoon family or any departed loved one or member of your community.
  • Engage children meaningfully during lessons on the Holocaust, Tishah B’Av and other fast days, or discussions about tragedy throughout Jewish history.

“A beautiful book. Very well done. You treat a difficult subject with sensitivity. I especially like the stories at the end.”– Mr. Avi Shuman, a classroom teacher for more than twenty- five years. Former National Director of Torah Umesorah’s S.E.E.D. program and nationally acclaimed author and speaker on numerous personal growth and parenting materials.

May The Neshamah Have an Aliyah – Teachers Manual

Price: $13.00

Illustrated by: Chani Judowitz

I Lost Someone Special is a full-color children’s picture book about the power of performing mitzvos as a merit for the departed. This beautiful volume helps children put the loss of a loved one in the proper perspective by explaining that we can still connect to the one who has passed on by learning Torah and doing mitzvos for their benefit. Through this engaging book, children will learn to take the important step of transforming their feelings into positive actions that will affect them and their departed loved ones.

Written with the input and approbation of

  • Rabbi Noach Orlowek, Mashgiach, Yeshiva Torah Ore; international lecturer, educator and author of books on parenting and education
  • Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Clinical Psychologist; Director of Interventions and Community Education for Project Chai, the Trauma, Crisis and Bereavement Department of Chai Lifeline

I Lost Someone Special by Bracha Goetz

Price: $18.00

Losing a loved one is arguably the most difficult and challenging time in the life of a Jew. Coming to terms with the loss, the irreplaceable void and insurmountable feelings of despair is something that requires time, strength and support.Throughout the shivah, shloshim, and the first year of aveilus, the need for proper perspective, guidance and assistance is paramount.

Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah has invested a lot of time, energy and money to properly research and produce a phenomenal video production to help those in aveilus, as well as their friends and acquaintances, properly understand aveilus to ensure that mourners receive the appropriate comfort and comforters extend appropriate nechamah.

The video production, specially formulated to include compelling content for both mourners and comforters, is a truly groundbreaking production that will have a deep and positive impact on all who view it.

To Comfort and Be Comforted: A Guide to the Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim – DVD Format

Price: $21.00

To Comfort and Be Comforted is a unique resource for mourners and for families, friends and associates of those who have suffered a loss. This book includes an impressive array of material presented by thirty-six dynamic personalities – rabbis, professionals and laypeople who have experienced personal tragedy; each and every piece provides yet another perspective, offering chizzuk and hope in the face of loss.  

Open this book, and you will surely find the valuable message that speaks to you, a message you may return to, time and time again.

To Comfort and Be Comforted: A Guide to the Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim – Book Format

Price: $30.00

Thirty-six compelling speeches to help mourners, as well as their friends and acquaintances, properly understand aveilus and how to offer appropriate nechamah. Find comfort in the face of loss; bring comfort to someone you know.

This MP3 disc includes the audio content presented on the abridged DVD version.

To Comfort and Be Comforted: A Guide to the Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim – MP3 Format

Price: $18.00

Condolence Card

You can extend true comfort to a relative or friend with this meaningful, beautifully designed condolence card.

Customized Condolence Card with Completion of Select Masechta of Mishnah

This card includes the completion of one of several select masechtos of Mishnah by a Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah Torah scholar in memory of the deceased. Card will be customized to reflect your sponsorship and can be sent to your home or directly to the aveil on your behalf.

Condolence Cards

Price: $2.99
Pack of 5 – $9.95
Customized Card – $36.00

Comfort, Courage and Clarity is an innovative book that provides guidance and support for those who have lost a parent.  This volume takes readers through twelve separate subjects, each of which includes relevant selections and thought-provoking questions to help readers better understand themselves. Also included is a guide for those who wish to use the material in a support-group setting, an explanation of the grieving process, helpful quotes and a “feelings guide.”

Recommended By:

  • Noted psychologist Rabbi Dr. David Fox, Director of Interventions and Community Education, Project Chai
  • Sarah Rivkah Kohn, Founder and Director, LINKS
  • Miriam Liebermann, LCSW, lecturer, author and support-group facilitator

Comfort, Courage and Clarity: Finding Inner Peace through the Challenge of Loss – Guidance and Support for Those Who Have Lost a Parent

Price: $15.00

Comfort, Courage and Clarity is an innovative guide that includes the format and materials for effectively running a support group for those who have lost a parent. The material is presented as twelve separate topics and includes relevant readings and thought-provoking questions to help participants better understand themselves. Also included is an addendum with an explanation of the grieving process, helpful quotes and a “feelings guide.”

This guide will enable capable individuals to lead well-run support groups where participants can share their feelings, feel cared for and gain tools that have been effective for others.

Comfort Courage & Clarity – A Support Group Handbook For Those Who Have Lost A Parent

Price: $18.00

More and more Jews are choosing cremation over burial. (Bestselling author Doron Kornbluth spent over three years studying the subject and examining both the realities on the ground and the philosophies behind burial and cremation choices.) With a wealth of research and many practical insights, Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View analyzes the reasons people choose cremation, pointing out many myths and misconceptions along the way, and explains why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial.

In this quick, easy-to-read, and informative book, readers will gain insight, knowledge, and understanding of this all-important issue.

Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View

Price: $18.00

Beautifully designed and easy to navigate, The Yahrtzeit Companion will no doubt transform the yahrtzeit day into a most meaningful and productive time.

Written by noted author and accomplished Torah scholar Rabbi Tzvi Hebel and based upon Rabbi Hebel’s highly regarded book, The Neshamah Should Have an Aliyah, this booklet provides the ba’al hayahrtzeit with a comprehensive, yet compact guide to prepare for and implement the practices of this significant day.

It includes a collection of prayers, including Kaddish; selections from Tehillim to be recited at the gravesite; the text for the siyum ceremony, etc.; as well as the relevant mishnayos and an accompanying translation. Numerous practical guidelines are included to guide the ba’al hayahrtzeit in the many aspects and customs of yahrtzeit observance.

The Yahrtzeit Companion

Price: $13.00

Rabbi Margalit, acclaimed author of bestselling book As Long as I Live, speaks upon the first yahrtzeit of Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, the three bachurim murdered by terrorists during summer of 2014.

This lecture was delivered at the triple Siyum Hashas Bavli in their zechus, sponsored by Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah.

Personal Perspectives from R’ Aharon Margalit

Price: $9.00

This inspirational lecture, Reaching Beyond Ourselves: Impacting Neshamos in This World and the Next, is delivered by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, acclaimed author and speaker. Rabbi Seltzer inspires and empowers listeners with his message about how our deeds make a powerful impact on those in this world and the next.

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer CD: Reaching Beyond Ourselves

Price: $9.00

The popular Mishnas Chayim weekly publication, which includes stimulating and beautifully written divrei Torah, is now available in book format. Now, you can easily access a Torah thought to share with your family at the Shabbos table or to encourage discussion on timely topics in any setting.In his inimitable manner, noted scholar and author Rabbi Tzvi Hebel presents lucid, fascinating insights on the weekly Parasha as seen through the lens of the Mishnah.This beautiful volume offers a compendium of Torah thoughts encompassing Jewish Hashkafa, Halachah, historical perspectives and more, with insights and explanations culled from the works of some of Judaism’s greatest Torah scholars, past and present.

Mishnas Chayim Book

Price: $30.00

The long-awaited second volume of Mishnas Chayim offers another collection of fascinating insights on the weekly parshah, as seen through the lens of the Mishnah.

With wit, style and a vast knowledge of scholarly works, Rabbi Tzvi Hebel offers unique perspectives to enhance your Shabbos or any occasion, replete with captivating stories, perceptive observations and much food for thought. These masterpieces are culled from the popular weekly parshah sheet, which is now available via email and on the Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah website.

Mishnas Chayim Book Volume II

Price: $13.00

This compact, yet comprehensive publication includes everything you need to elevate your Rosh Hashanah table. Included are the following tefillos and texts, expertly and lucidly translated by noted author and Torah scholar Rabbi Tzvi Hebel:

  • The Rosh Hashanah greetings
  • The simanei milsa, the well-known segulos for meritorious judgment
  • The Rosh Hashanah Kiddush
  • The four chapters of Mishnah Rosh Hashanah, one perek to be studied at each yom tov meal, with annotations by Rabbi Hebel

Also included is a compendium of insights and inspiration for Rosh Hashanah, culled from the writings of Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah’s team of talented Torah scholars.

Undoubtedly, this beautifully designed, aesthetically appealing booklet will enhance your Rosh Hashanah experience, as you learn and grow together with your family during the yom-tov seudos.

The Rosh Hashanah Companion

Price: $13.00

Beautifully designed, full-color, laminated sukkah or classroom poster, with a list of every masechta in Shas and vivid photos of key concepts.

Shishah Sidrei Mishnah Poster

Price: $16.00

Striking, large-print mishnayos chazzarah charts, which can be used to plot students’ progress and maximize long-term retention. Can be customized to any masechta. Now available for masechtos Berachos, Rosh Hashanah, Yoma and Sukkah.

Mishnayos Review Chart

Price: $4.00/dozen

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The Shivah visit- A practical guide

Shik Mir Pekelach is a moving composition about the unparalleled effect of Mishnah study on neshamos in the next world. Performed by world-renowned singer Simcha Leiner with and without musical accompaniment, the song is availabe on CD , free of charge.

Shik Mir Pekelach CD

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