The merit of Torah learning is so beneficial not only for those who have passed on, but for the living as well.  Whether it is good health, a shidduch, the blessing of children or financial success that one is seeking, what greater source of blessing is there than the eternal source of blessing – Torah itself? Torah study has the power to help, heal, comfort and invigorate us.

It is not unusual for Jews to seek segulos for any number of things, whether to enrich their lives, ease their pain, overcome challenges or stimulate their existence.

While various segulos, mitzvos and protocols exist, there has never been a more potent path to success than that which is paved with Torah study. Beyond the spiritual energy and fulfillment provided by Torah study, the holy sefarim have defined it as the ultimate segulah: “אין סגולה כתורה.”

Indeed, the merit of Torah study is far better than any segulah!

There are so many circumstances in life – shidduchim, parnassah, health, children, chinuch – in which the merit of Torah study is a most powerful and effective advocate. Whatever the need, the segulah of Torah study will give you the strength to weather the storm and help you merit a positive outcome.

Better Than A Segulah – Simply Better.